4 Stars

"works a treat"

4 and a half stars

“A hugely engulfing story”
"A majestically told story”
"This is a production that deserves a big theatre to fill”
"A delight to behold and a production that you should not miss.”

4 Stars

"I can predict that one day I shall brag on a red carpet that I saw it born in a humbler space."

4 Stars

"It is easy to imagine this show on a bigger stage"

"The cast is uniformly excellent"

"The songs have a sharp, sweet knowingness that conjures the period to perfection"

"Dylan Turner is terrific"

4 Stars

“Stylish, witty musical” “wonderfully inventive”

“A compelling story, fine tunes and some rather attractive actors make for a highly enjoyable evening.”

4 Stars

“Faye performs with a great deal of elegance and class”
“Delightful” “Incredible” “Powerful”
“Bound to leave the theatre humming into the night”

4 Stars

“Impressive” “Dramatic”
“Original, witty and pertinent”

"The standout performance comes from Mike McShane as Louis B Mayer"

“Jaunty tunes and lyrics”

“A touching musical tale”
“Turner and Clarkson’s heart-warming duets paint a tender picture of the couple’s relationship”

“Inspiring” “Touching musical”

“Excellent choreography”
“Excellent and delightfully well performed”
“The Tailor-Made Man is one to keep your eye on”

“Witty and sinewy performance by Kay Murphy”

“Faye Tozer leads the cast in a charismatic, well sung and energetic performance.”

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